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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 11, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's a gold mercury sable registered to a maurice kitchener. whatever you need, i'll back you up. okay. deputy commissioner doherty. trying to introduce myself to all the detectives under my command. miller, right? used to work narcotics? that's right. you the one who opened this alex caceres can of worms? that'd be me, pat. (chuckles) just can't help yourself, john. got to find new ways to piss me off?
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keeps me busy during the slow times. want to tell me why the hell we're investigating an accidental death? what's it matter to you what cases we take? we need closed cases, not whodunits. you let me worry about closing them. you can always take the credit. i oversee the detective bureau now, john. gonna have to get used to it. you're shutting this investigation down immediately. we clear? i need to hear you say it, john. we're clear. whatever you need on the alex caceres job, you got it. got anger management issues, jimmy? meaning? you beat a guy to a bloody pulp in a parking lot in atlantic city. guy owed me money,
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wanted to pay me back with a crowbar. i was protecting myself. did my time for it, too. why take a job at a place like havenhurst? when i went upstate, i learned carpentry. figured that was something i could give back to these kids. a way out. jeffries: well, an ex-con altruist. teaching street kids they could use their hands to build. give 'em pride. call it what you want. miller: what about trouble kids? alex caceres, for instance. this is about alex? well, he stole from you, right? like that guy in ac. nah, he just made a mistake. we-we were cool. jeffries: don't seem surprised to hear his name come from a homicide detective. never believed it was an accident. could have spoken up back in the day. (laughing): yeah. me and cops don't get along too good. miller: you have access to the dorms at havenhurst? rules were clear-- i was only allowed in the classroom area. where were you the night alex died? working nights in a hardware store so i could afford supplies for my shop class.
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i was the only one looking out for that kid. did a pretty lousy job of it, jimmy. don't think i know that? eats me up every day. got any with nuts? two dollars. yeah, not today, my man. i can get other stuff, too. anything you want. just name it. acclimating yourself like a pro, huh? gaming the system prepares you for one thing-- becoming a repeat offender. you a smart kid. you need to put your mind to something constructive. like what? building birdhouses? do the time, or the time does you. gonna tell me to work the system? 'cause all the system done for me is take my family, stick me in places like this. that's a raw deal, my man.
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for real. but you can't keep it bottled in. it festers in there. trust me, i know. old picture. guess you don't see him much anymore. (slamming) don't say another word about him. didn't mean nothing. (snuffles) let's keep it on you. why you got blood on your shirt, hmm? come on, alex! either you're getting beat, or you're doing the beating. i gots to go. ♪ figured he was getting bullied. tried a couple more times to get through to him. he wouldn't talk. jeffries: give up after that? of course not. i called the only person who might've actually helped.
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his lawyer. woman: what do you want me to say? a lot of kids i used to work with got hurt. quit playing us, marci. many of them reach out to you, like alex caceres, days before they died? i don't know what you're talking about. well, his shop teacher, jimmy clarke, called you, told you alex was in trouble. we need to take you into interrogation? jog your memory? we have records, show you visited alex at havenhurst the week he died. i got out of this racket for a reason. so damn tragic all the time. jimmy said alex had blood on his shirt. what was going on with him? not what you think. jimmy thinks you're in trouble. and he wouldn't go through the hassle of calling me unless he thinks it's serious. alex, if the older boys are bothering you,
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we need to address that. have a conference. ain't no snitch. marci: it's not really snitching if it's happening to you. why don't i get myself a cup of coffee, hmm? (door closes) if someone's hurting you, you've got to speak up. could be grounds to get you out. not me. someone else. he's young like a runt. getting beat every night. well, then he needs to call his own lawyer. his lawyer won't return his calls. he won't survive much longer. said you're here to help. i'm here to help you. then get him out of here. he's 11. lifted some comics, got six months. that sound right to you? give me his name, i'll look into it, but no promises. michael. michael rodgers.
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you'll like him. i'll call his lawyer, get into it. hey, uh, what's this mean, "juris..." "jurisprudence"? it's the legal system. it ensures we get justice. we all abide by it. it's how i'm gonna help you. found michael rodgers's lawyer, told him michael was having trouble, made sure he petitioned to have him transferred. so, that's it? i was overwhelmed with my own clients. what was i supposed to do? oh, maybe speak up when alex died three weeks later? well, i didn't see you there, either, valens. yeah. or were you late again? hey, i reached out to alex. told him whatever he needed, i'd be there. but he pushed you away, right? ever wonder why? or does self-doubt cramp your style? still on hold?
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yeah. trying to get michael out of j.d.c. court hasn't responded to my request to move him, so... spoke to his lawyer from back then. petition to transfer michael from havenhurst was denied. got to love the juvenile justice system. the weird thing is, his lawyer says michael was transferred a few days after alex died. never knew why. well, maybe michael could fill in the blanks if i can get ahold of him. hmm. you know what that lawyer said? marci? hey, can't be everywhere at once. should have been there, though. the system let him down, not you. all due respect, lil. it was me. look, you know, go to your dinner. i got this covered. yeah. yeah, i'm still here. wait. what-what do you mean, he was processed?
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hey. michael's coming with me. i can't let you do that, detective. he's a key witness in a homicide investigation. you don't like it, call the cops. hey, um, yeah, bad news. i-i got to work late again. no. no, i'm fine, dad. (laughs) okay. all right, we'll do it another time. you, too. (sighs, clears throat) (speed-dialing tone) hi, it's detective rush from homicide. yeah, i'm going to need help, um, tracking a cell.
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(sighs) lilly, one more step and i'd have blown your head off. nice to see you, too, saccardo.
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well, i think for a stalker, you could at least offer me something to drink. well, it took you long enough to trace those photos. well... i'm a cop in my spare time. (grunts) i guess you missed me. not really. but when i heard they let major scumbag walk on bail... i know. i don't really need you to... watch out for you? just want to make sure i got something to look forward to when i surface. we really gotta stop meeting like this. where is he now? probably trying to get the boot off his car. does that make you feel better?
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it's a band-aid. so what're you going to do? what would you do? situation like mine. a guy like this? we'll figure something out. seriously, though. i'm starving. well, let's go get some eggs. said i wanted a burger. it's breakfast. what's it going to cost me? i told you i wouldn't let them take you back to havenhurst. kept my word, right? do me a favor. eat the eggs. after alex died, you got transferred out. how'd that happen? (fork clatters) see, you hustling me this whole time. you contacted me, remember? i'm seeing it through. you gotta trust me. alex trusted you. yeah, you're right. and i let him down. alex... deserved better.
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night alex died... he swore he was going to get me out of havenhurst. he was trying to save me. save you, from what? they took me out of my room after lights out. i thought they was going to kill me. all right. give me the names of the kids. wasn't the kids i was afraid of. (punches landing, groaning) hey! get off! now! back to your room, alex. ain't none of your concern. i look out for him. supposed to be your job. my job is keeping you in line. little punk's a thief. this about your damn keys? it's about something he took from the director's office. a very expensive pen. i-i didn't do it, alex. i swear. gold. fancy. says "jurisprudence" on it. i took it. get him down to the infirmary! i want to stay with you. get him out of here. you're going to give me that pen, alex. or what, ms. myers? 'cause i'm done giving in. we'll see about that.
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laticia made every day hell for me. then she turned on alex. think she hurt alex? alex gone, ain't he? laticia's still there. still don't know why he stood up for me like that. well, maybe... he was doing for you what no one ever did for him. thanks, detective valens. yeah, what for? the eggs. i just got off the phone with jdc. one of your detectives kidnapped a juvenile offender last night. is that so? this ends now. you're ordering me to back off an open homicide investigation. maybe you're unaware, since you've never worked an active squad in your life, but deputy commissioners don't get personally involved in cases unless there's something to hide.
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budget cuts are a bitch, huh? manpower shortages everywhere. except here, john, in homicide. there's an opening on the midnight shift, east detectives. going to need you to sacrifice one of your guys. not going to happen. you pick. or i will. rush: i gotta tell ya, havenhurst employment records are a mess. took us days to find your file. sure glad we did. looks like you applied to the police academy same time you applied to havenhurst. wanted to wear a badge? carry a gun? i was looking to serve. 'cause you're from third and diamond, right? tough street. whole neighborhood's tough. said you grew up with boys like the ones at havenhurst. did you mean the hernandez brothers?
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every cop in the 26th has arrested one of those dirtbags at some time or another. look back far enough in their records, your name comes up as a complainant. so? they attacked you, laticia. they dragged you into their house. kept you there for hours. you were 12. i survived. must've affected you. being trapped. surrounded by those animals. that's why you wanted to be a cop. but you got turned down. said i was unfit. for psychological reasons. didn't seem to be an issue at havenhurst. you pitted those boys against each other. i didn't have a problem with alex. it was michael who pissed you off. but alex stood up to you, the night he died. i told him to go back to his room. he cornered me, you understand? you weren't a counselor anymore. you were that little girl from third and diamond. he wouldn't back down! back off, alex! or what? don't got your
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posse now. i'm warning you! nothing you could do to me ain't already been done. you hear me? got one more chance. not going to hurt michael ever again! what the hell you doing? she got those kids beating michael. i don't care. you put hands on the staff, alex. screw you. pretend to be one of us, you're as bad as her. you going back to your room. man, you ain't my dad. can't even take care of your own kid. should've seen jimmy dragging alex back to his room. last time i saw the kid alive. i thought jimmy wasn't authorized to be in the dorm. he did handyman work off the books. got him a key. didn't report any of this? would've thanked him if i had the chance. what do mean? where'd he go? disappeared after that night. out sick for a week. there's no record of that. told you. those kids were animals. jimmy knew it.
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you disappointed me, jimmy. the way you were talking the other day, i started to believe. teaching those boys self-respect through carpentry. just like jesus. here's a fun fact from your past. night you beat that guy in a.c., your three-year-old son was in the car. cops pull you over, he's in the back. they take your kid, put him in the system.
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get out of lockup, go straight to havenhurst. just trying to make amends. be a positive influence on all kind of kids. as long as it wasn't your own. when was the last time you saw your kid, jimmy? you don't know nothing about it! record keeping at havenhurst is a mess. couldn't find your timecards. but your old boss at the hardware store keeps everything. you were late the night alex died. got an eyeball witness ready to testify you got violent with him. puts you in his room the night he was killed. i know what laticia think. but i was trying to keep alex from flushing his future away. he was way ahead of me, though. ("don't say nuthin'" by the roots playing) you a damn fool! attacking counselors? that's a one-way ticket upstate. i'm the only one willing to fight. a fight you'll lose! you afraid of them, ain't you? i'm not saying don't push. i'm saying you gotta handle it different.
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educate me, my man. you're playing the game with every disadvantage. they outman you! they outgun you! you got one weapon. you hear? one! your mind. ♪ tears, got blood, got sweat ♪ ♪ leaking out of the pen ♪ y'all fake ... not setting a trend ♪ ♪ we never listen to them... it's like what you said about the... the window to ray-ray. you can't force it open. you gotta finesse it. ♪ ...from every direction ♪ your head and shoulder area ♪ your midsection, dawg ♪ yeah ♪ when the saint on the ground with the grind on rhyme ♪ ♪ with the ... who grind with king kong hitting thailand ♪ ♪ give it here, and don't say nothin' ♪ ♪ just give it there... "jurisprudence"? what's that? system we all live under. an-and it's broken. i get it now. that's why they keep michael here. nobody ever gets transferred out. ever notice that? sick kids, psychos. nobody. every bed is full.
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always. i don't know what you're talking about. need you to do me a favor. get this to detective scotty valens. a cop? hey, whoa, whoa. what's going on? tell him to hold on to it, please, jimmy. ♪ some emotions felt better... trust me? ♪ crime record longer than a... ♪ all right. need one more favor. let me use the phone. ♪ silhouettes waitin' in the wings ready to feed ♪ ♪ thirsty shysts who need at least a buck to breathe ♪ ♪ come on... main office was the only place to make a call. i left the door open for him on my way out. know who he was going to call? i didn't ask. he said he needed me to trust him. i did. what about the pen? you do anything with it? alex was dead. my prints was all over his room. waited in my place for a week for the cops to come. never showed. you still got that pen, jimmy?
11:31 pm
i checked the havenhurst phone records the night alex died, and a call was made at half past midnight to the private residence of harold alvarez. judge hang 'em high harry? just told the boss, and he says the judge and deputy commissioner doherty are golf buddies. (sighs) explains why doherty's been breathing down our necks. he's protecting the judge. so why did alex need to call the judge? been searching the word "jurisprudence" and i still can't figure out what alex was saying to me with this pen. check out the judge, too. mm. (typing) look, cross-checked the judge's name with "jurisprudence." look what comes up. hey, judge. i found this at havenhurst
11:32 pm
a little while ago. figured you'd want it back. i've toured that facility a few times. i must have left it there. thank you. "jurisprudence"-- it means "justice," right? it's also a luxury ski cabin in utah. you own it with your sister-in-law. if you don't mind, i'm running late. your sister-in-law's an entrepreneur. she owns nursing homes, juvenile centers-- havenhurst, for one. so the state pays havenhurst for every kid sent there. havenhurst is owned by your sister-in-law. she pays you... you will reconsider what you're saying if that badge means anything at all to you. it's incentive for strict sentencing, a reason to block transfers, like michael rodgers. accusing me of judicial misconduct? no... that's for the justice department to sort out. i'm accusing you of murder. alex caceres. i didn't kill that boy. no, you're the type of guy, has other people do the deed.
11:33 pm
give me a name. i got records that put you and alex on the phone the night he died. i'll give you two minutes to tell me who killed alex. (clinking rhythmically) the day of alex's hearing, i was late. should have been there. but it didn't matter, did it? i could have been early, you still would have sent alex away just to make a buck. you know what? screw it. turn around, judge, i'm locking you up. wait, wait. the boy had my attention. (phone ringing) (judge harry sighing) hello. alex: how do you sleep at night? who is this? sent me to havenhurst for a joyride.
11:34 pm
lot of other kids here for less. son, if you know what's good for you, you'll hang up this phone now. i know what "jurisprudence" is. even a delinquent can use the internet. that's why you send us here-- for a fancy house? those are some very serious accusations. get away with it 'cause everyone listens to you. but not us. what do you want from me, kid? get my friend michael rodgers transferred tonight, or i'll call the 11:00 news. think they'll listen to me. don't you? man: what are you doing, alex? alex: hey, get off me. man: give me the phone now. (phone clicks) it was supposed to be a good facility. nobody should have gotten hurt. who took the phone from alex? who was it? valens: you're the secret


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